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Emil Vicale is a proven Industrial Designer (product designer) brand developer and internet and e-marketing expert.  Over 30 years of product design and development and marketing expertise brought Emil Vicale to start BBC Design Group. As the design director for BBC Emil Vicale went on to create products in the following fields: clothing design, consumer goods, military goods, weapon design, furniture design, website design, mold making, graphic design, interior design, lifestyle design, toy design, medical products, jewelry development.

Emil Vicale Designs spans all commercial fields, Industrial fields, Military and private concerns. Emil Vicale moved to developing products under his own labels and developing companies making a wide and deep internet foot print. 

In 2001 Emil Vicale purchased and re-introduced and shortly thereafter created the political toy industry with the introduction of the Presidential Action figure for

Emil's knowledge of internet development and marketing has developed some on the most recognizable companies on the internet. Emil Vicale International Limited can do the same for your product or company.

Our Services can start from the initial Product Design and continue thru the product engineering stage, complete manufacturing and web development which will include full Brand Building and e-marketing including Media Saturation.

Feel Free to e-mail or call us anytime and have direct contact with true industry leaders, who actually have real world experience. Or schedule a Skype meeting with Emil Vicale

  • Our Services focus on brand building across the following media:

  • Internet Branding

  • Social Networking

  • I-Stuff Game Brand Development

  • Product Design and Development

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